Newsletter RAPTOR n* 2, December 2022

Welcome to the second issue of the RAPTOR newsletter!

This publication coincides with the conclusion of 2022, a year of intense activity for the project from the scientific and networking point of view.

Great work has been done to be able to submit 13 deliverables and achieve all the planned milestones. In addition, collaboration between the ESRs and various actors in the consortium has become very active through online and on-site meetings.

The highlight of 2022 was certainly the RAPTOR school held at Cosylab headquarters in Ljubljana in September. It
was 6 extremely intense and productive days, which made the cohesion within the consortium even greater. In this issue of the Newsletter, we have focused precisely on telling the story of the first and second RAPTOR schools, as we believe that training and educational events are essential to pursue the goal RAPTOR has set: to successfully bring adaptive particle therapy to the clinic.

What better occasion than, to announce that the 3rd RAPTOR school will be held from 10 to 15 September 2023 in Switzerland, the event will be organized back to back with the 4D workshop for particle therapy.

Without further ado, we now leave you to read this issue of the newsletter and wish you a happy conclusion to 2022 and an inspiring start to 2023.


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